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Genesis of Wayne's Service Center is here to serve drivers from Paramus, Wyckoff, Caldwell NJ, Woodland Park NJ and Little Falls NJ. Whether you're cruising in a new G70, G80 or G90 or a used Genesis vehicle, we will having it running like it's fresh off the assembly line. Our auto repair and maintenance center, located in Wayne, New Jersey, is on hand for all of your service needs. From routine to the unanticipated, we have you covered.

 All the Services Your Genesis Needs Under One Roof

Before you schedule your first complimentary maintenance appointment at Genesis of Wayne, we encourage you to check out our service menu to learn about the types of repairs we offer. Genesis is a relatively new and high-end luxury brand, so when the time comes for service, you deserve to get the proper maintenance tailored to your car.

At Genesis of Wayne, we have a service center on-site staffed with experienced, ASE-certified technicians with specialized experience in the Genesis brand. Each only uses genuine Genesis parts in these repair projects for the most compatibility with your car. Let us tell you a bit about some of the top services we offer at our Genesis service center in Wayne, NJ. Shoppers will find Genesis of Wayne located just 20 minutes outside Paramus, NJ.

Oil Changes

The oil change is the most basic, commonly-requested, and essential service we offer for your new Genesis in Wayne, NJ. Each new Genesis with an internal combustion engine uses synthetic oil to keep its most crucial systems properly lubricated and free from corrosion. While new synthetic oil blends last longer than conventional oil, the delivery system of your Genesis should be changed out every so often to prevent the buildup of toxic sludge, resulting from expired oil.

In a typical oil change, our technicians drain out all the expired sludge, replace the old oil filter with a genuine Genesis part, and refill the system with clean, new synthetic oil that matches the exact grade and viscosity your vehicle requires. An oil change is the most basic service that you can give your Genesis, but it should not be ignored for long, as failure to act could result in further engine damage, with more expensive repairs to follow.

Battery Services

Just like any battery-powered electronic device in your home, the battery if your Genesis luxury car come due for service and replacement. We should be your first destination for new car batteries as we keep our parts store stocked with genuine battery cells and replacements straight from the original equipment manufacturer. The batteries of most cars will expire after a couple of years, so when your Genesis needs a new battery, we're a great place to go. Our dealership service center has state-of-the-art equipment to test the charge of your battery and determine if it needs simple maintenance or total replacement.

Our technicians can also perform a number of maintenance procedures to ensure the battery of your Genesis keeps going for as long as possible. In order to keep you battery at a proper charge for as long as possible, we will take a look at its liquid electrolyte balance as well as expecting the battery itself and its terminal for signs of corrosion. Excessive corrosion, battery acid leaking, and a warped battery pack are all crucial signs that your battery needs immediate replacement. Degradation of the battery will present itself through diminished headlight strength or a persistent rotten egg smell coming from the hood as the battery leaks acid.

Brake Services

Aside from the wheels, the brakes are among the most important parts of any car, gas powered or otherwise. Your Genesis runs on an interconnected series of parts which pump fluid to the pads on the wheels while calipers apply friction to the pads to slow down or stop the car. While your luxury car has many different components making up its brake system, each part might need replacement at a different point. Brake pads will usually wear down first, along with the brake fluid, so it's crucial to keep an eye on these two parts first. Around 30,000 miles, you should pay special attention to the brakes and get them inspected along with your scheduled 30/90/90k mile maintenance. The rotors and calipers might wear down closer to 50,000-60,000 miles, but you can schedule a service appointment at any time for a quick inspection.

In order to preserve the lifespan of your brakes, there are a few things Wyckoff drivers can do on their own time. We suggest keeping an eye on you brake pads to ensure they maintain optimal thickness, while your fluid reservoir should always remain at a proper level. You can prevent excess consumption of both by avoiding "riding" the brakes by holding onto the pedal for too long. Periodic releasing of the pedal during a gradual slowdown enables the brake pads to breathe more and prevents them from wearing down faster than normal.

Alignment Services

Caldwell, NJ drivers might not spend all day thinking about the alignment of their car, but it is important to a variety of other parts of your Genesis. A well-balanced four-wheel alignment means you vehicle drives perfectly straight and all of its tires hit the ground at the same point. A imbalanced alignment can cause the tires to wear down unevenly which, in turn, causes them to lose their traction much faster. Likewise, a misalignment can result in increased fuel consumption as your vehicle attempts to compensate for the lack proper steering or balance.

At our Wayne, NJ Genesis dealership, we will put your four-wheel alignment back into level balance. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a detailed computer system that tells us in real-time what position your four-wheel-alignment should be in to ensure proper tire wear. We usually check the four-wheel alignment during a tire rotation, repair, or replacement job.

Genesis Ownership Experience

If you recently bought a Genesis, or are thinking of investing in one, it may interest you to know that these services will be covered for your first 36 months/36,000 miles of ownership, whichever occurs first. During this period, all new Genesis owners near Woodland Park can enjoy complimentary scheduled maintenance, with an optional valet to pick up and drop off the car at the location of your choosing. Complimentary scheduled maintenance gives you the basic services your car needs now to prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

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Scheduling an appointment for service is easy and can be completed online from your home computer or tablet device. You can choose from any of these and other services we offer, then give us the most pertinent details about your car and select the next available time. If you qualify, you can also use this time to schedule a free service valet for pickup and drop off, with the option of leaving a loaner car so your busy schedule remains interrupted.

We invite shoppers to take advantage of all the services we offer here at Genesis of Wayne, on NJ-23 in Wayne, NJ. Schedule a test drive and visit us today!

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