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How the Latest Roundup of Genesis Vehicles Sets the Standard for Luxury

If you are searching for a truly luxurious experience while on the road, then you will certainly want to check out the latest roundup of vehicles coming out of the Genesis factory. These superbly crafted automobiles represent the finest in Korean automotive performance, and they offer a driving experience that is superbly crafted to meet your every requirement.


From a stylish and sporty exterior, to highly refined interiors, Genesis marks the pinnacle of affordable luxury. These vehicles feature a full range of luxuriant features that will greatly enhance your experience while on the road. For instance, the Genesis G70 has received rave reviews from car enthusiasts by offering drivers access to high-end upholsteries that embrace the driver in comfort as they hit the road in style. With a unique diamond quilting pattern that's further accented by beautiful contrast stitching, you will soon discover that the interiors found within even the most affordable Genesis models are quite tough to beat.

Nappa leather seats aren't the only luxuriant feature you will find in these affordable sedans though. Both drivers and passengers alike find these vehicles to be exceptionally comfortable due to the introduction of high-end features like heated and ventilated seats. On those cold winter nights passengers in your vehicle will discover that their seats quickly warm up to keep them nice and cozy on even the frostiest of evenings. When the summer heat kicks in though, drivers in Wayne, NJ will discover that air circulating throughout their car's seating will keep all of their passengers nice and comfortable throughout the duration of any excursion. An advanced 16-way power driver seat will further add to the comfort and convenience of taking the Genesis G70 for a spin around the block whatever the weather may be like outside.

Of course, Genesis is not only known for providing exceptional interior spaces with refined environmental controls that are easy to navigate. These vehicles also feature impressive performance under the hood as well. While perusing the latest lineup of Genesis vehicles on our lot, you will undoubtedly discover a whole world of incredibly powerful vehicles. Even on the low end of the spectrum, Genesis drivers are given access to vehicles affording up to 365 horsepower being produced by a powerful 3.3L twin-turbo GDI V6 engine. These impressive turbocharged engines will certainly add some power to your driving experience the next time you're out on the road.


If you are searching for an even more luxuriant experience though, you will definitely want to check out the latest Genesis G80 models we have on our lot here at Genesis of Wayne. These exceptionally crafted vehicles feature the classic Genesis look you have come to know and love, but they also feature the latest technologies coming out of Korean car manufactories today. What this means for you is that you'll find unique yet highly convenient features in these vehicles that will make your life a little bit easier while on the road. For instance, the Genesis G80 now comes with a hands-free smart trunk release feature. Rather than ever having to fumble for your keys to open your trunk, this intelligent vehicle will respond to your needs by opening the trunk whenever you stand next to it with the key still in your pocket.


If you really want to elevate your driving experience to another level though, then you will certainly want to take a look at the Genesis G90 models we now feature on our exclusive lots. These high-end luxury vehicles feature the finest of interiors that are elegantly crafted to perfection. With the classic diamond quilting pattern stitching for which Genesis is famed, and refined wood paneling that marks the next step up in your luxury experience, you will soon discover that the Genesis brand is tough to beat at this price range. Remarkably sophisticated AI features have also been incorporated into these vehicles that will not only help you stay within your lane, but these technologies can even help to manage your distance from other vehicles in front of you. As you might imagine, this combination of luxuriant interior spaces paired with the latest advancements in AI technologies are giving drivers near Paramus and Wyckoff an unparalleled driving experience that has to be witnessed firsthand through a complimentary test drive to be fully appreciated.

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